Frequently asked questions

When and where are classes held?

The Upper Room, Church of the Holy Spirit, Aylesbury Location

71a Camborne Avenue Aylesbury, Bucks, HP21 7UE

How do I know which programme will work best for my child?

Your child is assessed in advance of their first class.

Following assessment, you are given a comprehensive breakdown of findings and advice on which programme will work best initially for your child.

Who will teach my child?

Highly experienced, fully qualified teachers deliver all classes. All teachers hold Fully Enhanced CRB checks.

How long are the classes?

Each class is 90 minutes long. Classes operate during term time for 38 weeks of the year.

Why are I Get Maths sessions taught in small classes?

I Get Maths was first developed in schools to secure rapid progress for small classes of 15 to 20 pupils. In small classes, your child will benefit from learning both independently and with and from their peers, as part of a collaborative group. Small classes enable our teachers to deliver sessions that meet your child’s individual needs and provide the constructive feedback they need to make rapid progress.

What areas of maths do I Get Maths programmes cover?

Our Assist and Accelerate programmes cover all mathematical concepts in the current curriculum and build on and enrich mathematical methods and strategies used in schools.

What happens in an I Get Maths session?

Our 90-minute, interactive sessions combine direct teaching and independent and collaborative group learning that enable your child to:

  • Relate and connect new mathematical concepts to what they know already
  • Understand how and why a new mathematical method or strategy works
  • Think and reason mathematically
  • Investigate and solve complex and challenging problems
  • Respond constructively to feedback and prepare for future home learning
  • Bounce back and learn from mistakes

How much support should I expect to give my child?

Parents are critical to the success of any tuition. In order for I Get Maths to benefit your child fully, you need to attend the last 15 minutes of every session to observe your child learning and pick up on key points of the session. You will also need to provide a regular time and an appropriate place for your child to learn at home. Home learning relates to previous sessions therefore children should usually be able to complete it independently. Home learning must be brought to the next session for marking and feedback.

How will I get feedback on my child’s progress?

Formal diagnostic assessments are carried out in advance of the first session and then again at the end of each academic year. You will receive feedback outlining the progress your child has made; how their level of understanding compares to expectations for their age group, and any particular areas for development. You are also expected to observe their child learning each week during the last 15 minutes of every class.

What equipment will my child need?

All equipment, including pencils, is provided by I Get Maths.

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